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The parish is located in the Bolgatanga Municipality. It is about 5 kilometres away from the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish, Bolgatanga. The church is dominated by the Guruni speaking people. Other tribes include; Kasena, Kusasi, Akan, Dagaaba, and Bulsa. St. Joseph’s came into existence as far back as 1993 as an outstation, when a group of Catholics who were living in Soe and worshiping at the Sacred Heart Cathedral decided to form a prayer group at St. Paul’s Primary School, Soe. They met in the evenings on some specific days to share the Word, worship God, learn songs, and recite the Rosary. They were mostly led by the late Martin Apambila. Before then, Mgr. Roger Aboteyure, whose mother hails from Soe, approached the Soe Chief, the Tindaanas, and the Land Owners of the present place of the church and requested for land to build a museum as Soe was noted for the history of making bangles and other artefacts. Part of the land, particularly the place of the church, was owned by one magistrate called Mrs. Kanton, who through negotiation agreed to release the land to Mgr. Roger. After going through the necessary traditional rites, the vast land was handed over to Mgr. Roger. Mgr. Roger quickly built three hexagonal chalets, which were not immediately put to use. While this was on-going, the Missionaries of Africa (M.Afr.), led by Rev. Fr. Van De Haute Hugo, also acquired a home in Soe (called Haskew House) for accommodation.
Noticing all these glorious opportunities, the prayer group decided to approach Mgr. Roger to see if they could use one of the chalets for their activities. At the same time, parishioners had put in a request to the Parish Priest and Fr. Hugo for an outstation to be started. Their request was well received and accepted.
In 1996, the Outstation was opened with Rev. Fr. Hugo as the Caretaker Priest. Through the support of Mr. Martin Agana, twenty-three (23) metal chairs and two (2) tables were immediately acquired for the church. Some benches were also constructed through the contribution of some members.
Since then, the church grew from strength to strength. As a result of this, there was the need to expand the church building. In 1998, a plan to build a multi-purpose hall was initiated. Through the support of members and Rev. Fr. Hugo, funds were raised and the building completed and inaugurated on August 7, 2007. Before the inauguration, the church decided to consult Mgr. Roger for a possible name. He counselled that, since we were lucky to have a son in the seminary, in the person of Rev. Joseph Ayinpuusa, then we should dedicate the church to St. Joseph; hence, the name St. Joseph’s Church.
The church became a Rectorate on 1st June, 2014 and a Parish on 1st October, 2015. Father John Bosco Ntihebuwayo became the first Parish Priest, followed by Fr. Kevin Rand and now Fr. Pierre Boro.

To be a parish that is Christian, Human Centred and Non-Discriminatory, that practices partnership and stewardship to ensure Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability

To create a visible Faith-Driven, United, Self-Reliant and Catholic Family of the faithful, founded on the Values of Christ.

Inspired by the Gospel message of love, we work together as a united family of diverse peoples towards the promotion of the Kingdom of God in the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese through;
1. Celebrating the Word and Sacraments.
2. Witnessing to the forgiving, healing and saving presence of Jesus Christ.
3. Being stewards of God’s creation.
4. Promoting justice and peace and enhancing the integral development of the human person.
5. Promoting peaceful co-existence in and outside the diocesan family.
6. Partnership and Networking.

i. Parish Pastoral Council
ii. Parish Finance Council
iii. Parish Youth Council
iv. Parish Liturgical Council
v. Justice and Peace Committee
vi. Harvest Committee
1. St. Kizito Church – Zaare
2. Christ the King Church – Gaabisi
3. Holy Spirit Church – Yorogo
4. St. Luke – Nurses Training College, Bolgatanga.
The Parish has only one (1) Catechist (retired) and three (3) Prayer Leaders
 Knights of St. John International
 Christian Mothers Association
St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

 St. Vincent de Paul
 Catholic Youth Organisation
 Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Catholic Women Association
 Missa Family
 St. Anthony of Padua
 Sacred Heart Confraternity
St. Joseph the Worker
 St. Philip Neri Youth Group
 Maria Goretti Society
 Mass Servers Association
 Ushers and Lectors
Family life and Vocation Promotion Group
 Elderly Christians
 English and Guruni Choirs

Christian Children Association 

On Going Parish Projects
 Priests Residence

1. Daily Mass: 6:15am
2. Sunday Mass:
1st Mass: 6:30am
2nd Mass: 9:00am

Weekday Mass: 6:15am (twice in a week)
Sunday Mass: 9:30am


 Rev. Fr. Jean Claude H (Curate)                                      Rev. Fr. Kevin Rand (Curate)

               0241855112  jclaudehaba@yahoo.com                                    0505020667

Rev. Fr. Pierre Boro (PP) 

  0200504610   fouladjini@yahoo.f



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abane adams

why is the christian children association left out from the list of societies ?

John William Nkhoma

Sorry, it should have been an oversight. we have added it to the list. Thank you for your concern


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