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The genesis of the Centre for Spiritual Renewal, Kumasi, goes back to a retreat which brought together two Medical Mission Sisters, Ellen Hummel and Jean Salgot, who had been engaged in a survey requested by the Bishop of Kumasi with a view to founding a local religious community, and Fr. Ernst Sievers M.Afr., who had been reflecting on his ministry experience. Both parties had come to the conclusion that something was needed to help the People of God deepen their faith and their understanding of Christian life. A renewal centre was planned as a means of promoting this goal. In 1972, the Ghana Bishops Conference approved the venture and decided that the Renewal Centre would be officially under the Bishop of Kumasi, Rt. Rev. Peter K. Sarpong. The latter welcomed the initiative as it entered well into his own pastoral vision and the Centre owes a great deal to his consistent support and encouragement. The official founding year of the Centre is 1973. Construction work started in 1978 and was completed in 1982. The Centre has 16 individual rooms for participants, plus a hermitage. In addition, unoccupied staff rooms are made available for guests. It has a conference room that can take up to 40, as well as the chapel and the other usual facilities. We had the joy of celebrating its 40th Jubilee in 2013.  For many years, the Centre was the only one of its kind in Ghana and indeed, in West Africa. Now there are others, a testimony to the development of the Church in the country.

The goal of the Centre was expressed from the beginning as follows: to deepen the faith of people, to encourage a personal relationship with God, to help people grow as disciples and apostles of the Lord and to promote witnessing Christian communities. Priority was to be given to working with leaders and potential leaders, lay, religious and priests. Over the years, in line with that goal, many forms of ministry have been offered at the Centre or elsewhere in Ghana, by staff members or by resource persons invited to Ghana for particular programmes.

Many people have come to appreciate the quiet and beautiful environment the Centre provides for finding inner peace and listening to God.

The services we offer at present include the following: directed retreats (6-8 Days and 30 Day) as well as opportunity for private retreats; weekend preached retreats; Biblical Formation programmes; preparation for Vows; basic Counselling Skills training; human development and personal growth workshops such as Anger and Conflict Management, Introduction to Journaling, Introduction to Focusing, Emotional Intelligence, Introduction to Mindfulness.

We also offer on-going spiritual direction and counselling.

The Centre is available for groups who wish to use our facilities for retreats and various forms of faith formation sessions.

We also welcome requests for any particular programme that communities may desire.

We are ready to give programmes in other parts of Ghana.

Missionaries of Africa have been on the staff of the Centre from the very beginning till now. We are very grateful to the Society for this support.

The ministry staff of the Centre at present comprises Sr. Mary Anne Hoope BVM  (director), Fr. Peter Laast CSSp., Msgr. Stephen Osei-Duah, a Kumasi Archdiocesan priest, and Fr. Michael P. Targett M.Afr.

Sr. Lucy Nkansah FST helps as a resource person in directing retreats.


To contact the Centre for Spiritual Renewal:

Postal Address: Centre for Spiritual Renewal

                         Post Office Box 870,

                         Kumasi, Ghana.

            Mobile:  +233 244 026296


Author: Michael Targett, M.Afr.