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St. Martin of Tours formation house is situated in Ejisu, Ashanti Region, Ghana. It is in the Catholic Diocese of Konongo-Mampong and was inaugurated on 27th November, 2001 by Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, as a first phase formation centre for the Ghana/Nigeria Province of the Missionaries of Africa.The candidates in residence follow a degree course in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Spiritan University College.

The centre has formed many young men from not only Ghana and Nigeria, but also Burkina Faso,Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia. Many of these are today serving the Society in various parts of Africa and others are good citizens and witnesses of the Gospel in their respective countries of origin.

Today, the centre has 31 candidates – 14 Ghanaians and 17 Nigerians – and four formators (John Amona, Jacek Wrôblewski, Prosper Harelimana and Christopher Chileshe) who together comprise a formative community.The nine supporting-staff of the house have been around for many years and they too make a remarkable contribution to life at the centre.

Besides academic formation, candidates are involved in pastoral activities in and around Ejisu/Kumasi. They visit various service providing institutions and parish communities. The candidates also look after the property at the centre as their own home. They are trained to become independent and responsible individuals.
At the heart of the formation program is Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is referred to daily through private and community prayer. The entire program is in view of forming missionaries of the 21st century who are capable, confident and courageous enough to witness Christ’s mission in the African world.

Community life is a very important component of formation at St. Martin of Tours. As such, the community of 31 is divided into three teams;Mapera (10),Lavigerie (10) and Mc Coy (11). While not fully autonomous, these teams form basic units of organisation in activities that include, common prayer, recreation and several house responsibilities. The community bonding in 2019 was summarised by the invitation,“LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!” It is hoped that Christ’s light will shine forth from this jubilee year onwards, through each member of St. Martin of Tours formation house.

You are most welcome to take part in the life and mission of St. Martin of Tours through your prayers, material support or just a visit to be share quality time with us.

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Author: Christopher Chileshe M.Afr.