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St Benedict Parish, Wa


Bishop Paul Bemile (Emeritus now) and the Nuncio Archbishop George Kocherry are planting a tree at the new site of St. Benedict parish on the 19/08/2007.

1. Day of Dedication

“on this rock foundation I will build my church, and not even death will ever be able to overcome it” (Mt. 16: 18).
The parish was dedicated on the 15th of July, 2017 by His Lordship Bishop Richard Kuuia Baawobr (Bishop of Wa Diocese). The priests then were Fr. Patrick O. Emukule (PP) and Fr. John C. Mubanga (Curate).

2. Brief History of the Parish
As Wa town expands and the Catholic population is on the increase, there was a need for a Parish. St. Benedict’s Parish started as an outstation of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrews in Wa Diocese using the hall of Wa School for the Deaf for Masses on Sundays. The 22nd June, 1999 was a memorable day as the outstation had its first Eucharistic Celebration at Wa School of the Deaf. This outstation was officially declared a Parish on the 6th July, 2006 by Most Rev. Paul Bemile, the then Bishop of Wa Diocese in Ghana. St. Benedict’s Parish is a new Parish situated approximately 3 kilometres South of Wa town. Wa in terms of government administration is the Regional capital of the Upper West Region of Ghana. St. Benedict’s Parish is currently run by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).

This Parish is still growing and evangelisation is one of the major pastoral areas of focus in the Parish. The Parish has four outstations; two to the west namely: Kpongu and Dandafuro, St. Victor Piisi to the south and Loggu to the east. So far, we have ten (10) Small Christian Communities (SCCs) such as: St. Rita, St. Augustine, Loggu, Piisi, St. John the Apostle, St. Raphael, St. Peter, St. John the Baptist, St. Patrick, and St. Catherine.

St. Benedict’s Parish, in her jurisdiction has primary schools, secondary schools, a technical institute, a polytechnic and a university. These institutions provide the parish with a fertile ground for youth apostolate.

3. Priests and Confreres Who Have Served in St. Benedict Parish Till Date

a. Fr. Peter Dakura, Fr. Gerry Smulders, Fr. John Asanyire (PP), Fr. Vincent Lubega (PP), Fr. Patrick O. Emukule (PP), Fr. Jean Bosco Ntihebuwayo, Bro. Martin Chapper, Bro. Alois Bingisser, Fr. Clement Tuure, and Fr. John Bosco Naa.
b. Stagiaires (Seminarians)
Addise Markos, John Mubanga, Eric Bashirahishise, Nathan Edyelu, Nayak Norendro, Jean Claude, Issa Norbert, Jean Pierre B, Mario Nyirenda and Xandry Aparece.
c. Present Lavigerie House Community Members
Fr. John C. Mubanga (PP), Fr. Peter Nyirenda (Curate), Fr. Nicholas Mulinge Nzomo (Curate) and the stagiaire Barthelemy Buredi wa Buredi.

Author: John Mubanga, MAfr,

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